Monday, December 28, 2009

i heart nyc.

While following blogs, I never pictured myself posting my daily thoughts, to-do lists, rhetorical questions, inspirations, wish lists, nor did I consider myself an "expert" on any topic. But if there is one thing I love, it's New York.

Inspired by New York Magazine's issue "Reasons to Love New York", I started thinking of the people, shops, parks, restaurants, bars, and stories of my neighborhood that add to the list of my own reasons to love New York. Approaching my two year anniversary as a Greenwich Village resident, I realize how many nights and weekend afternoons I have aimlessly strolled the streets of my neighborhood peeking in shop windows, picking up menus from restaurants, hearing little tidbits of history, and discovering a new cobble stoned street. All of this pedestrian activity evolved me into a shameless neighborhood snob. I rarely venture above 14th street and try to "support my hood" as much as I can.

My hope is this blog will highlight and showcase my old favorites and new discoveries of life below 14th street - reminding New Yorkers why to love this city and for visitors, shedding light on a new world to explore outside of Times Square.