Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pier Pressure

This Monday storm is not raining on my parade. Not after the glorious spring weather from this past weekend. After months of hibernation, New Yorkers quickly shed wool for tank tops the minute the temperature hits 64. I laughed at my roommate putting on her swimsuit while I left the apartment in my sandals. The lawns of Central Park tend to overwhelm me, so I prefer to park on one of the piers along the Hudson River. There is great debate over which pier is the best - some better for summer outdoor concerts, some better for sports, some better for people watching. My favorite is the one where Christopher Street meets the West Side Highway. Warning: those who are speedo-phobic should not go to this pier. Otherwise, put down the weekend to-do list and set aside your agenda - it's time to enjoy the cool river breeze, prime view of the Statue of Liberty and soak up the sun. Come on, everybody's doing it.

Surprise Birthday Picnic Brunch on the Pier -
Happy Birthday, Zack!

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  1. I CAN'T wait to squeeze YOUR neck in T-4 days!